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Vinny MaNguyen

I am a full-time real estate agent and Team leader and TEAM+ Tom Ferry Coaching. As a Real Estate professional, I can combine my knowledge of superior customer service skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the Bay Area Real Estate Market to get the best possible results for both you and your family. With the knowledge and use of the latest technology, I provide many benefits for both buyers and sellers. Discover the care and professionalism of not just an agent, but also a family man. I strive to accomplish things to the best of my ability making your experience with him one to remember for a lifetime. 
Whether you’re buying or selling, my commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to your unique needs will help you make the most out of the available resources and listens and work with you every step of the way to achieve the result you expect from your Realtor. Business, not a hobby: Real Estate is my business, unlike many agents for whom real estate is a hobby or a secondary source of income. I have professional staff and a detailed business plan which enables me to give you the service that you deserve and sell more homes. I am proud to share my mission with you and look forward to earning your business.

Denise MaNguyen

A refugee from Vietnam, Denise resided in Oakland, California in 1980 and is currently a passionate full-time real estate broker for Compass Real Estate. Denise got her first love with real estate when she worked as a part-time job assistant to a Century 21 Broker in Santa Barbara, California where she attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and graduated with a Degree in Economics. Denise invested in your first real estate property at the age of 25 which fueled her passion for real estate even more.
Denise has been a Broker/Owner of her own Real Estate company and had worked and managed over 100 agents and sold over 1000 transactions in her real estate career. She has helped many clients from personal homeownership to investments and wealth building through the real estate vehicle. During the 2007-2010 economic downturn market, Denise has helped many clients with short sales and many Banks and REO Assets Management companies with their defaulted assets disposition. Through this effort, Denise was able to create an opportunity for her investors to rebuild and revitalize communities through rehab buy/flip projects. It created a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. 

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Our goal in real estate is to provide the assistance needed for the buyer and seller to come together. We understand what is important to our clients. Buying or selling a home is a major decision we want our clients to be satisfied with their purchase during and after the sale.
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